Software Quality Assurance Services

QA Project Management Consulting

Nivasoft will evaluate your organizations current Software Quality Assurance and Software Quality Control practices and propose QA Plan. This plan includes considerations and proposals to drive your organization to a higher level of software development maturity through practical recommendations. Nivasoft's QA Management Consulting services include:

  • QA Plan development.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Automation feasibility studies.
  • Tool evaluations.

Manual Testing

Nivasoft has extensive experience creating and executing testing strategies. Nivasoft has developed and performed remediation of standard SDLC artifacts required to properly test software systems such as Requirements Documentation, Test Plans, Test Procedures, Use Cases and Traceability Matrices. Nivasoft has executed their formal software testing process to manually test a multitude of business applications spanning various industries.

Automated Regression Testing

Nivasoft has significant expertise in the implementation of data-driven automated regression testing systems using various methodologies including:

  • Linear Scripting, commonly referred to as record-and-playback; ideal for smaller testing libraries or high-level shakedown style scripts.
  • Test Scripts modularized by business function.
  • Test Scripts modularized by application screen or window.
  • Back-end database testing

Nivasoft determines the appropriate implementation methodology by analyzing various criteria such as the allowable timeframe for implementation, longevity of the application, frequency of release cycles, scope of changes per release and complexity of the Test Scripts.

Nivasoft also has experience developing custom functions, testing harnesses/frameworks and reusable libraries. Nivasoft's implementations are generally data-driven from external data sources such as MS-Excel, XML or databases.

Nivasoft has expertise with the following automated regression testing tools:

  • Mercury's Functional Automated Tools (WinRunner and QuickTest Pro)
  • IBM's Rational Robot
  • Segue's Silk Test Software

Load and Performance Testing

Nivasoft can assist your organization in mitigating the risk associated with system related failures by performing a variety of load tests on your target system. Nivasoft has expertise load testing high-volume, transactional based systems and can solve performance and scalability problems in complex, distributed environments.

Nivasoft has expertise with the following Load /Performance tools:

  • Mercury's LoadRunner
  • Segue's Silk Performer