Salesforce Services

Salesforce Services

Setup & Configuration Services

Nivasoft’s highly skilled Salesforce technical specialists work to ensure that that all setup and configuration processes are well defined and executed.

Our Services:

      • Onboarding and Offboarding.
      • Cloud Services.
      • Service Cloud, Sales Cloud.
      • Configuration (Workflows, Profiles, Reports, Email Services, Validation Rules, Process Builder, Access and Permissions, Marketing Automation).

Custom Development

Decision to implement essentially means major investment in terms of money, effort and resources for any business. While Salesforce offers a great bit of functionality off the shelf, organisation require certain amount of custom development and configuration to meet their business objectives. While engaging with your customers and employees and keeping in view of your organisation’s goals, Nivasoft can help you develop and implement new valuable features that make your Salesforce application efficient and effective.

Our Custom Development Services:

      • De-Duplication
      • Data Migration
      • Application Development (REST, SOAP).
      • Canvas Applications
      • Cloud Computing

Salesforce Integration Services

Integrating Salesforce across multiple systems and data is critical for the success of an organisation which would help in increased collaboration across teams and most importantly productivity of the resources.

Nivasoft can help you integrating your system with the following:

      • AppExchange Packages.
      • Salesforce to Salesforce connection.
      • Social Networks.
      • Payment Processing Systems
      • Highly Customized Web Services.
      • BA Tools for Data Analysis and Analytics

Salesforce Mobile Development

Salesforce1 Hybrid Native application:

Mobile applications and business solutions built over Salesforce can greatly enhance your experience of seamless connectivity, access to information while making collaboration a breeze thereby increasing productivity. Our application development team has extensive experience building custom applications that fit any enterprise needs.

Some advantages of Salesforce Apps:

      • Enhanced customer experience with easy access to Salesforce products and data.
      • Ability to handle all the business process through Mobile Applications.
      • Increased Efficiency and Productivity across teams and employees.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our Quality Assurance and Testing team is equipped with professionals that are equipped with best practices, modern testing tools, methodologies and frameworks. Our team of certified developers and QA engineers can test and manage an entire Enterprise implementation. Our comprehensive test sets will include but not limited to functionality, automation, user friendliness/usability, data migration, compatibility, external integration, data integrity, performance, Access, permissions and security.