Regulatory Compliance Services /Finance

Sarbanes-Oxley - IT Assessments for Compliance

Nivasoft leverages its knowledge of IT across a multitude of verticals resulting in a practical, effective and efficient approach for assessing IT general controls for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). Nivasoft has knowledge and experience in the standards and guidelines specified by COSO, COBIT and PCAOB.

The following outlines the six (6) steps in Nivasoft's Assessment process:

  • Identify Significant Processes. (SP)
  • Document SP
  • Define SP Key Control Objectives
  • Define SP Control Activities
  • Perform Testing
  • Disclosure

IT Procedures & Software Quality Control

Nivasoft has extensive experience in the creation of documented procedures for diligently managing financial Information Technology systems. These documented Standard-Operating Procedures incorporate security, disaster recovery, installation qualification and operational maintenance and support. In addition, Nivasoft has significant experience in developing and executing tests to ensure the reliance and integrity of financial IT systems.