BIDxprt is an enterprise Bid and RFP Management platform to improvise, automate and transform Bid Management process in an enterprise.  We tackle the challenges faced by Organizations and Bid Teams and provide a comprehensive Bid Management platform to streamline and automate the Bid Management process. 

Our platform breaks down silos in organization, encourages cooperation and coordination between diverse teams, improves and speeds up Bid review cycles, provides indepth analytics, insights and pipeline reporting and takes your existing Presales teams to a newer maturity levels.


DealXprt is an enterprise Deal Flow management Software Platform which is conceptualized and developed by Industry experts to solve issues faced by VC/PE community. The platform streamlines, automates and transforms your Deal Flow and Funnel management, so that you have more time on hand to focus on key deals and closure activities on your hand. 

DealXprt automates the incoming new opportunities directly to your Deal Dashboard, so that there is no manual or email intervention in generating new funnel. The platform streamlines routine tasks of funnel management like logging a new deal, adding call notes, and weekly reporting activities.

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